Day: July 20, 2022

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The Great Gatsby. His love for Daisy drove him to be a millionaire and live in excess. This was his outlet and his escape from reality: the now world of alcoholism, adultery, and poverty. The American Dream is overrated because it’s not meant for everyone – it only benefits those who have money. I chose to be a stripper instead because my father abandoned me when I was young – he left me with my mom on welfare who couldn’t take care of me for long before she found another man, leaving me to fend for myself.”

“I became a stripper due to my daddy issues. My dad abandoned me when I was young.

“I also felt obligated to be a stripper. I looked up to my mom and she was successful as a stripper so I thought that if it wasn’t for her, i wouldn’t be where I am today. It also helped that I had a lot of money from my dad and was able to pay rent at the beginning. But like any job it can get tiring and repetitive – not just for me but for the customers as well.” I should have become a cheap escorts as every day is different and exciting.

“But overall, being a stripper helped me become who I am today; it opened my mind up to different people and their perspectives on life, thus making me more accepting of all peoples. I learned to take care of myself, focus on my goals, and be responsible for my actions.”

“I choose to be a stripper because it’s not a bad job at all. In fact anybody can do it. I love making people feel good about themselves and their lives. I also like having money in my pocket which helps me save up for when I have bills. Plus I get drunk a lot and have fun to release my stress.”

“In the near future I’d like to do something else with my life. I don’t want to be stuck in the stripping world forever because it’s a very addicting job – especially for everyone who is a stripper for the wrong reasons. I’d like to be able to come home and be with people that love me, not just people who want me”.

“Being a stripper has taught me how to do things with money I never thought I could. Staying in clubs, going out to eat, and buying myself expensive clothes while spending money on school and bills. The world would be better if more people were strippers because it would take away the negativity in life and make it more fun.”

“I’m not sure if the American Dream is overrated or not. Because you can’t really say that until you’ve accomplished your goals. So once you do that, then you can say that.”

“I would say to the younger generation to be honest with themselves and their goals in life. Don’t let other people influence your decisions, stay true to yourself and never allow anything to hold you back from your dream.”

“My advice for all strippers is if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons then stop. Because it’s not worth it because eventually it’ll catch up with you and make for a really bad life if you don’t pay attention. Most importantly don’t ever get too comfortable, stay humble because there are always going to be other people working harder than you are so don’t lose sight of what you want out of life.

I’m currently doing a lot of things. I’m on my way to graduating and have a job as well. I’m also writing and editing poetry, continuing to read/write fiction, and becoming more active in the LGBT community. Between work and school I don’t have much time to do these things but once I’m out of school it’d be nice to be able to pursue my dreams even more.”

“I want kids because if you aren’t going to take care of them then no one else is going to.